"You wake up in a town with no memory of who you are. Your only clues are watercolor supplies and a ticket with your name on it for a train that leaves in five days. Try to discover as much as you can about yourself before you have to leave town!" 

So begins your next great adventure. Set along the banks of the dusty Rio Grande River in the American Southwest, this game may seem simple on the surface, but each play through will leave you with more hints as to who you are. To give you a hint: there are twice as many memories as you will be able to ever uncover in a single play through.

Important note: To start the game, once the game loads in the new browser window scroll down to access the starting links below the landscape image. You have two options: (1) play starting with the tutorial or (2) go straight to the beginning of the game. 

Development log


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At the beginning, you are greeted with nice gentle guitar music, gives a nice first impression. However, after the landscape image had loaded, I couldn't find a way foward, to actually start the game. I wonder, if I should do something specific there.

Hello GDWC, thank you for letting me know. The links to start the game are below the landscape image (two options: play starting with the tutorial, or just jump straight into the game). I'll update the game description to include those instructions! 

Okay, thanks for telling! It feels a bit stupid I didn't notice them, since I have played similar games previously. I'd say it's a good text-based game, now that I got to play for some time.


It was a problem on my end where I had not checked a box when uploading the game, so no worries! I'm glad that you enjoyed playing the game ^_^